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    • Music for Change

      Humanity and Music
      01/09/2015 | News

      Making music through melody and rhythm is one of the most ancient human activities. It has brought people together, expressing emotions, soothing sorrows, creating love dialogue, fending off wars and despair... to [...]

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    • Finding my Groove

      The "vision"
      05/20/2013 | News
      The &quote;vision&quote;

      Part of being an artist is the intrinsic goal to send messages through sound. The artist spends many hours "in the head" creating mental sound bits, lyrics, riffs and song structure-the "vision" in the hopes these [...]

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    • The Roots of my Soul

      I am a child of mixed heritage and influences

       I used to try to worry about how I fit in or how to act to be part of the mainstream, the popular, the accepted. As an artist I have evolved a unique style that just "feels right" for me influenced by roots stemming [...]

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    • The Songs I write speak of life and experiences. Some of harsh realization as in talking of abuse, abandonment~ others messages of joy, and ultimately love and acceptance.

      I aspire to write for others who are just beginning their careers and be able to become a mentor in the process.


    • Moving picture is a window into an artist, the visual angles into the character, the motion of a song, the message of the composition.

      Many people come together when making music videos to create visual messages for the viewer. I thank all who have and will help me in my journey.

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    • Watch the video "as Beautiful As You"

    • ALL THE MONEY- Album "Evermore" (Moni K)

    • EVERMORE-Album "Evermore" (Monique De Haviland)