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  • I am a child of mixed heritage and influences

    05/01/2013 | News
  • In one's life the ultimate question is "who am I and where do I belong?" I used to try to worry about how I fit in or how to act to be part of the mainstream, the popular, the accepted. As an artist I have evolved a unique style that just "feels right" to me and I only hope I can touch others with my music created from my complex roots stemming from a Slovene-Hungarian-Croatian and American heritage teaching me both ethnic and modern sounds.

    In my musical evolution I encountered several stepping stones. It began when I was 15 as a teen-pop singer in Germany, Austria and Slovenia(EU)-then still Yugoslavia until the country became war-torn. I left for the united States(my father's origin) to seek my music education after being accepted to the prestigious Berklee School of Music in Boston already having 3 albums under my belt(EMI-Columbia label, RTV Slovenia, Yugoton). I was ultimately led to the West Coast and  LA ~ was able to sell one of my songs to Rick James and Jobette Music for 500$,  and fortunate to perform in top venues(At my Place, The Roxy, The Baked Potato-etc.), recording with Kenny Logins and Eddie Money's producers and "baking my bread" as a working musician around the Globe with collaborations with Sterling Production, Atlantic Label, and TOT production music labels/managers.

    With these experiences~I found my place as an artist, a composer, author, and performer~I now call home Lake Tahoe, NV, an awe-inspiring surrounding just oozing with other talents, arts, and like-minded bohemians like me. My new record will come in in 2016 and this is my best project to date working with amazing musicians, engineers, stylists and consultants.