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  • Making music through melody and rhythm is one of the most ancient human activities. It has brought people together, expressing emotions, soothing sorrows, creating love dialogue, fending off wars and despair... to name some of its functions through time.

    From West African drum circles to Bartok and Mozart to Woodstock,  music has touched and satisfied universal needs of people and cultures. In cultures where music is suppressed greater surges of violence and primitive reactiveness have emerged. 

    In science it is well known that music triggers responses in the brains "pleasure center" releasing chemicals that allow emotions, imagination, and brain mechanisms to unlock which are key in human evolution(Time).

    I believe what I create artistically stems from a deeper root, the root of my soul, combined with a life-long emersion in inspiring music. I also believe this is where the improvisational artist receives generational messages that sometimes have to be shared with the world. Music can be the messenger of Peace.