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  • Part of being an artist is the intrinsic goal to send messages through sound. The artist spends many hours "in the head" creating mental sound bits, lyrics, riffs and song structure-the "vision" in the hopes these sounds will some day touch someone in a positive way.

    The next step is to create the composition based on these mental components and write a script or score which will be the matrix for those involved in a project. What follows is a collaborative effort among musicians to put the vision to sound. Working with engineers, studio and pre-and post-production teams, arrangers, instrumentalists, vocalists, soloists and mastering experts eventually the "vision" becomes reality.

    An original composition can come to me in 5 minutes, even in my dreams, but making the "vision" appear in sound is a huge undertaking requiring the help of others.  Music is interactive and emotionally driven as artists come together to create a brief experience for the listener.

    The reward is the final effect the song leaves the listener with and the lasting power of compositions. The expressive artist only hopes that with music we can change the world and history shows it can.